We offer Reflexology appointments with a Level 3 Diploma Reflexology Graduate, with at least 3 years experience

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The Reflexology Space – London 

The reflexologist will give you a Medical Reflexology session where they will use an alternating pressure technique to stimulate sensitive points all over your feet. 


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The Reflexologist will greet you and take a case history including your life-style factors. You will then go into the private room and be treated in silence in a harmonious relaxing atmosphere, snuggled in a blanket with pillows supporting head and feet. 

After the session you will be given water and asked for some feed-back about the session as well as be given after-care advise to help you benefit from Reflexology.


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You will leave after 75 minutes of de-stressing from the things that affect us physically and emotionally and sometimes spiritually.

Reflexology can possibly improve mood, aid sleep and promote a sense of wellbeing.

You are sure to walk out floating to your next port-of-call and feeling healthy. Make an appointment and come visit us; it is our job to help you feel better through the Healing Art of Reflexology

The Reflexology Space Club

Joining the club will give you access to treatments at a discount price, as well as health related special offers.

We currently have over 7000 members part of the Reflexology Space Community

The Reflexology Space is about Community Healing and so we please ask you to embrace our Terms and Conditions, to ensure that everyone who takes part in the healing process is respected and equally enjoys the benefits of the experience

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How to Book a Reflexology Appointment

As The Reflexology Space provides a brand new concept in providing Reflexology, to help us deliver our Reflexology Treatments efficiently and effectively, The Reflexology Space only accepts booking and enquires online only.

We you use the latest SMS, Website and Message Bot technology to provide you with appointment information and also to allow you to manage your own bookings. The only way we can offer these services is to take bookings and enquires online



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